Friday, July 20, 2012

Welcome to Steampunk Poker!

So what is Steampunk Poker? It's easy! It's the classic deck of playing cards but artistically redesigned from the ground up. It's not a new game with tons of new rules. All the old card games can be played just as easily (but in much greater style). 
I drew every single image you see in the deck. The suits, the numbers, the face cards, ...every single detail has been designed to make the deck feel like it came from a Steampunk Victorian world.
Have a look!

Each Deluxe Box is stained, clearcoated and decorated with hand-sculpted relief elements.

Open the box and this is what you see.
Each box contains 25 Gear shaped chips and the Steampunk Poker card deck.
Next to the cards are two trays. One has an insert of "which hand conquers which" because I always forget, and the other tray has an insert of the Queen of Diamonds (by Sara Jerzykowski).
She's there to hold any other treasures you may care to bet with: lockets, earrings, watches, etcetera.
The inside lid is decorated with the Steampunk Poker logo with any of the four suits inside.

Next we have the cards themselves. All 52 cards are safely stored in a custom tuckbox.
The Queen of Clubs, my version of a famous riveter, decorates the box front.

Here are the face cards, aces, and jokers of Steampunk Poker. The Clubs are the working class, the Diamonds are aristocrats, Hearts are adventurers and Spades are robots. The jokers juggle chainsaws.

Here are the number cards. Every suit symbol and number has been redesigned.

And finally, a close up of a big pile of chips for no particular reason. I suppose it's good to see the detail, but I honestly just love this picture.
Thanks so much for your time and happy adventuring!

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